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Andy Platz

Welcome to our new Trustee

Andy Platz is CEO and President of Mead & Hunt, a national, full-service architectural, engineering and planning firm that employs over 1,100 people in offices across the country. For over 122 years, the firm has served clients in a wide range of sectors: aviation, transportation infrastructure, food & beverage, water, cultural resources, and more, with a focus on environmental sustainability.

Putting people first:
A runway to the future

Andy will bring to the ACEC Retirement Trust the same guiding principles he has applied during his 37 years at Mead & Hunt and as CEO since 2018. The firm’s core value is, “Shaping the future by putting people first.” As one testament to this principle, Mead & Hunt is 100% employee-owned, giving the next generation of leaders a stake in the company’s growth.

Membership in the ACEC Retirement Trust has been a key component of Andy’s commitment to building long-term careers and shaping bright futures for his Mead & Hunt team. And now, as a Trustee, he plays a vital role in providing these unique advantages to other engineering firms.

A long-term perspective

Over the years Andy has overseen steady, sustainable growth at Mead & Hunt taking a long-term view, which parallels his approach to overseeing the ACEC RT’s fund line-up. Whether you’re talking about a good investment portfolio or Mead & Hunt’s strengths, he says that “sustainable growth, stability, and diversity” are three key factors. “You need a long term view. You can’t just be reacting to cyclical events.”

This approach can be an inspirational model for smaller engineering firms looking to grow. The M&H long-term view has included serving a diverse client base across the nation while adding niche services in a broad range of disciplines. This diversity has proven to provide stable and successful business results while at the same time adapting to evolving clients’ needs.

Innovation and collaboration

When you put people first, create a culture of collaboration and inspire innovation, clients benefit. Mead & Hunt’s unique methodologies deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions that elevate clients and communities. For example, M&H fast-tracked a LEEDS-Certified 170,000 square foot cheese plant that included energy and water saving innovations.

Likewise, in his role as a Trustee of the ACEC Retirement Trust, Andy Platz will be instrumental in building on the Plan’s innovative vision, providing a 401(k) solution that helps members attract and keep the best talent.

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