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Employee Resources and Flash Investment Report

Find out how your Plan’s investments are performing each month. Take advantage of our educational content and tools to become financially fit, both now and for the future.

See monthly return summaries for ACEC Retirement Trust investments including Guaranteed Income Fund, Domestic Equity Funds, Socially Responsible Funds, International Equity Funds, Real Estate Funds, Fixed Income Funds and Target Date Funds.


Investment and Retirement Plan Advice Made Easy

Watch this video to learn about the resources ACEC RT and CAPTRUST offer you to help you make decisions about investing and saving for the future. Make an appointment with a personal financial advisor at or call (800) 967-9946.


Market Update: Mixed signals for investors

This economy and market have already shattered long-held patterns and are showing mixed signals about what lies ahead. What could be the best route for investors? See this Market Update with Chief Investment Officer Mike Vogelzang at CAPTRUST, our financial advisory business partner.



The new participant experience:
An app for your financial life

Introducing the app for your total financial life present and future, updated, from your ACEC Retirement Trust’s recordkeeping partner Empower. Know where you are compared to where you want to be in an interactive dashboard that pulls it all together. Your savings. Spending. Assets. Debts. Take the fast track to financial fitness.


Informative content for Plan participants from our partners: financial advisory partner CAPTRUST and our recordkeeping/education partner Empower

September 12, 2023

How to set financial goals

Here are five examples of financial goals you may want to focus on — and a financial goals worksheet to...
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September 11, 2023

What’s Coming out of Your Paycheck

The typical paycheck deductions, where your earnings are going, and how much control you have over them (webinar)
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September 10, 2023

Understanding Risk and Reward

Read on to learn more about the relationship between risk and reward, how to understand your own tolerance...
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November 12, 2022

Financial Tips for New Parents

A checklist for planning your young family’s financial future: day-to-day budgeting, education, health care and savings.
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October 12, 2022

Financial Wellness: Pursuing your Financial Freedom

Your path to financial wellness: how to manage your day-to-day finances while saving for your long-term goals (webinar)
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September 12, 2022

Cultivating Financial Independence

Teach your adult kids to cultivate their own financial wellness and independence while securing your own financial future.
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Have You Checked Your Retirement Plan Lately?

It’s generally a good idea to review your employer-sponsored retirement savings plan at least once each year, and when major life changes occur. If you haven’t given your plan a thorough review within the past 12 months, now may be a good time to do so.


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