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Find out how your Plan’s investments are performing each month. Take advantage of our educational content and tools to become financially fit, both now and for the future.

See monthly return summaries for ACEC Retirement Trust investments including Guaranteed Income Fund, Domestic Equity Funds, Socially Responsible Funds, International Equity Funds, Real Estate Funds, Fixed Income Funds and Target Date Funds.



Midyear Checkup

Did you start the year with a list of financial resolutions? Saving more and spending less? As well intentioned as you were, midyear is an excellent time to check in with yourself and make some adjustments to be sure you’re staying on course. In this webinar recording by our financial advisory business partner CAPTRUST, we share a few financial areas you should check in on and actions you can take now to get back on track if you have strayed.



Two wars: Investment implications in an event-driven market

With the war in Ukraine and the financial war over inflation, investors have had to monitor an event-driven market, but there are still positives to look forward to in the year ahead. An insightful 5-minute video from ACEC RT’s investment advisory firm CAPTRUST, now providing personalized advice to participants as part of your plan.



ACEC RT 2022 Market Update and Economic Forecast Webinar

A special webinar for ACEC Retirement Trust Plan Sponsors and Participants by CAPTRUST, our investment advisory firm. Presenter: Brent Hartman, CAPTRUST Investment Strategist. Host: John Pickett, ranked #7 in Barron’s prestigious Top 100 Institutional Consulting Teams List. John is Sr. VP at CAPTRUST and works closely with the ACEC RT.



Hear all about two exciting new benefits from ACEC RT:

1) New Target Date Fund
2) No additional cost Personal Financial Advice

Our investment advisory firm CAPTRUST explains: (1) the new Target Date Fund that joins our lineup despite the normal minimum requirement of a billion dollars invested, and (2) our new service that gives every plan participant their own personal financial advisor from CAPTRUST at no additional cost – it’s included in our low fee.


Your path to financial wellness

Live for today, plan for tomorrow: how to strike a balance


Informative content for Plan participants

January 11, 2022

How to set financial goals

Here are five examples of financial goals you may want to focus on — and a financial goals worksheet to...
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January 11, 2022

Your pre-retirement checklist

When it comes to saving for your future, you have to start somewhere. So why not start now? Here's a...
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January 11, 2022

Despite a Strong Economy, Much Uncertainty Remains

A survey by our education and recordkeeping advisor Empower reveals low consumer confidence at the start of 2022 despite relatively...
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September 23, 2020

Understanding Risk and Reward

Read on to learn more about the relationship between risk and reward, how to understand your own tolerance...
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April 3, 2020

Financial Planning Checklist for Times of Crisis

It can be tough to keep cool when you see the market dropping. But research shows that taking–or at least...
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March 16, 2019

Staying the Course for Retirement

Investment markets atound the world are experiencing unprecedented volatility, which may have you asking yourself...
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Have You Checked Your Retirement Plan Lately?

It’s generally a good idea to review your employer-sponsored retirement savings plan at least once each year, and when major life changes occur. If you haven’t given your plan a thorough review within the past 12 months, now may be a good time to do so.


Financial Wellness in the COVID Era

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