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Our game makes it fun and exciting to get yourself financially fit. Win prizes now while you’re engineering your future. Every time you tap into our resources, from informative videos to personal consultations, you earn points towards a financial wellness challenge score, with new challenges every three months plus a year-end challenge! Go to the Play to Win page to check out the latest Challenge and points system.

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Every time you read or view one of the items below to improve your financial fitness, you earn points which are tallied automatically. Your points apply both to the current challenge and to win year-end prizes.

Self Learning

Read articles, watch videos and webinars, and more.
Points: 500 TO 5,000


Personalized Support

Engage with a financial wellness representative.
Points: 500 TO 10,000


Personal Financial Portal

Create an account and utilize the PFP
Points: 2,000 TO 7,500


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Welcome to our comprehensive resource library. You can search for a topic category you’re interested in, such as investments or college savings, or you can search for a media format you prefer, such as videos or webinars or articles.

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