A personal financial advisor for each plan participant, a unique no-cost benefit

When your firm is a member of the ACEC Retirement Trust, you get an extraordinary benefit at no cost to you: access to personalized consultations with a financial advisor from CAPTRUST, the premier firm that is the Trust’s own financial advisory partner.

Schedule an appointment with a personal financial advisor here or call (800) 967-9948

An individualized program for financial fitness, now and for the future

You work hand-in-hand with a top-tier CAPTRUST financial advisor on a personalized, comprehensive program to achieve financial wellness both now and for the future, with objective, non-biased investment advice based on individual profile.

A retirement blueprint tailored your individual goals

All participants, from top execs to EITs to Admin, get personal advisors. The CAPTRUST Retirement Blueprint ® tool lets you identify goals and build “blueprints” for action, updated annually. 70% of participants make immediate changes.

Online education and appointment scheduling with personal advisor

Visit the captrustadvice.com website to view educational content, and easily schedule personal advisor appointments via phone and/or screen sharing at Scheduler | CAPTRUST Advice.

Financial wellness is good for overall health

Survey data indicate that firms with financial wellness programs find that their team ends up being healthier overall, spending less on medical care and taking fewer sick days.

Reduced financial stress means increased productivity

When you’re stressed about money, work suffers. Our advisors address and relieve top concerns such as budgeting, managing debt, emergency savings, and retirement security. So you can focus on your career.

Professional advice inspires people to save more

Another data point: When people get this kind of professional guidance, they get better at managing their finances and keeping savings on track, and put more into their 401(k) plans.

PAS (Participant Advisory Service) resources from CAPTRUST

Here are a few helpful videos about the personalized “Participant Advisory Service” (PAS) from our financial advisor CAPTRUST. You can make personal financial advisor appointments online at captrustadvice.com or by calling (800)967-9946.

Participant Resouces

The Participant

A 4 ½ minute video about how to take advantage of the personalized advisory service from CAPTRUST, a unique benefit of your plan with the ACEC Retirement Trust. Make an appointment with an advisor at captrustadvice.com or call (800)967-9946.

Investment and Retirement Plan Advice made easy

Watch this video to learn about the resources ACEC RT and CAPTRUST offer you to help you make decisions about investing and saving for the future. Make an appointment with a personal financial advisor at captrustadvice.com or call (800) 967-9946.

Create your financial foundation with a personal Blueprint®

Are your savings on track? A CAPTRUST advisor will help you construct your individualized Retirement Blueprint®. Watch this video for more and make an appointment at captrustadvice.com or call (800) 967-9946

Schedule an appointment with a personal financial advisor here or call (800) 967-9948

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