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Get smarter about financial wellness, earn points, win prizes

Play our financial wellness game. Take each new challenge and win points towards prizes while you get smart about financial wellness. Have fun now as you engineer your future.


The Financial Wellness Cross-Fit Challenge:

July 1st – September 30th

Learn. Earn points towards entry in prize drawing. And win!

  • Get a jump on your Financial Fitness by utilizing the Financial Wellness Center content
  • Learn and earn points by watching webinars, videos, reading articles and more
  • Every 2,000 points gets you an entry into the drawing for 10 $100 Amazon Gift Cards (10 chances to win)
  • The Challenge is open between July 1st – September 30th
  • Increase your chances to WIN by earning more points
  • Points you earn for this challenge accumulate towards year-end grand prize too!

Visit the Financial Wellness center to   PLAY THE GAME

Accumulate points for big year-end wins

Besides Quarterly challenges (every 3 months) the total points you accumulate over a year earn you more chances to WIN during the Annual Challenge Drawing. Every 10,000 points earns you entry into the drawing. Prizes to be announced closer to the drawing.

How to win Financial Wellness Points

Every time you take one of the actions below to improve your financial fitness, you earn points which are tallied automatically. Your points apply both to the current challenge and to win year-end prizes.

Learn, Earn & Win

Get smarter about finance by checking out content on the Financial Wellness center by reading articles, watching videos or viewing webinars.
Visit the Financial Wellness Center


Read an article 1,000 points
Watch a video 2,000 points
Attend a seminar 5,000 points

Personalized Support

It’s a win-win! Connect with our specialists to help plan and structure your financial future and win extra points now!
To set up your personal financial portal: Click here
To schedule a consultation with our Financial Wellness Help Center: Click here
Or call (866) 221.3858


Individual phone consultation session 10,000 points
Set up your personal financial portal 7,500 points
Call to Help Center (Points per topic) 2,500 points
Monthly points to log in to your portal 2,000 points
Emails to Help Center 500 points


Use one of the calculators in the Financial Wellness center for a real-time analysis of where you stand including whether you’re saving enough.
Visit the Financial Wellness Center, Calculators section


Use a calculator 1,500 points

Instant feedback on your points. Know where you stand

The great thing about a game is that you know where you are all the time. We’ll send you an email every time you earn new points. Know how close you are getting to meeting the challenge and winning.

PLAY THE GAME! Visit the Financial Wellness Center. Click here.

See the points you just earned, your point totals for the current challenge and points earned for the whole year. See how you compare with other people in your firm, and with ACEC RT participants nationwide. Play to win!

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