This month’s RT Spotlight

Every quarter we spotlight a member firm, a consultant or a trustee; and/or welcome a new member firm.

Chris Anderson

Welcome to our new Trustee

­­­­­Christopher Anderson, PE, is the President and CEO of DJ&A, a multidisciplinary professional service consulting firm providing engineering, surveying, environmental, and planning services nationwide. The firm has offices in Montana, Colorado and Washington.

A growth mindset
In the six years since Chris assumed the role of DJ&A president, he has grown it from under $4 million in revenue and 25 people, to an 80-person firm with 3 offices and $13M revenue in 2019.

Chris’s growth mindset is informed by a passion for sustainable solutions that improve lives and create far-reaching value. He is inspired by the larger role growth can play in creating more opportunity and betterment for more people, whether within his firm or on our planet as a whole.

He enjoys leading the way to address challenges that accompany growth, an example being DJ&A infrastructure projects in national parks like Yosemite, where visitor numbers are going through the roof, requiring eco-friendly upgrades from roadways and facilities to water/sewer systems.

Given the unique value that the ACEC Retirement Trust delivers, he was attracted to become a trustee because of the enormous growth potential for the Trust. He points to two unique advantages available only ACEC members. “Few engineering firms understand the legal exposure associated with their retirement plans.” he says. “The company leadership and board members can be personally liable. The Trust assumes fiduciary responsibility so companies no longer have to worry. They’re protected.” he says.

“Another advantage is buying power. I can’t walk in with a $10 million plan and get the same reduced fees and quality investments that our $2 billion Trust has the negotiating power to obtain for members. More money stays in the plan to benefit my people instead of spending it on fees.”

ACEC RT is pleased to welcome Chris Anderson as our newest trustee, and looks forward to his involvement in growing the Trust to bring its advantages to more and more members. “Currently only 7% of ACEC members use the Trust for their retirement plans. This represents a tremendous opportunity for growth,“ he says.

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