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What our members say about the
ACEC Retirement Trust

Linda Bauer Darr

President, Chief Executive Officer
ACEC (American Council of Engineering Companies)
45 employees
ACEC RT member since the early 1990’s

“Out on the open market, there’s no way (members) could find a plan with this high level of benefits and service. We have full confidence recommending ACEC RT to ACEC members, and I have full confidence as a CEO in providing that benefit to our staff as well.”

Andy Platz, PE

President and CEO, Mead & Hunt
900 employees
ACEC RT member since 2008

“The Trust makes smart investment choices on our behalf while insulating us from fiduciary liability and has good educational programs. The fees are low…which puts more money back into employees’ retirement funds, a big attraction when it comes to recruitment.”

Grace Blackburn

Principal, Blackburn Consulting
35 employees
ACEC RT member since 1999

“Every year since we started with the Trust in 1999 we’ve compared it with other 401(k) plans and ACEC RT has been the best. Expenses are lower. Other plans nickel and dime you but with the Trust, everything is included. They’re there to back us up and really helpful. “

Rich Humann, PE

President, Chief Executive Officer | H2M
Size: 400+ employees
ACEC RT member since 1989

“The Trust aligns really well with our mission, helping to make our company a best place to work. I’ve been vested in the Trust for 30 years. They are individual-centric. The Trust will compete against anybody, with competitive fees and other benefits like education and guidance.”

Rajan Sheth, PE, SE

Chairman Emeritus, Mead & Hunt
ACEC RT Member since 2004
Trustee, ACEC Retirement Trust

Size: 900 employees; as Trustee, looks out for 20,000

“There are 7 Trustees overseeing the Trust and I am one of them. We all want to give back to the profession. When I was CEO of Mead & Hunt it was always my goal to look after my employees. Now as a Trustee, it’s my goal to look out for 20,000 employees of different firms.”

Gary Raba

Chief Growth Officer | Raba Kistner
CEO from 2010 to 2020

Size: 600 employees
ACEC RT member since 1980’s

“You’ve got a non-profit running the Trust versus a for-profit out in the public market place. Hands down the Trust wins all the time. The service providers know how to do what they do. We were recently acquired and made comparisons, but our ACEC RT plan can’t be matched.”

Mitch Green

Vice President/Treasurer
HMB Professional Engineers Inc.

Size: 80+ employees
New member of ACEC RT. Joined in 2020

“The way the Trust is structured, the fund line-up, the educational component, and the feeling we’d have a long term relationship, coupled with low fees, swayed the entire selection committee. There wasn’t anybody that didn’t want to go with the Trust after all the presentations.”