Build a bright financial
future for your team

The retirement plan designed exclusively for ACEC members.


Financial health

It starts now. Regardless of age. Give your people a way to get financially healthy today and save for the future with a retirement plan commissioned by engineers for engineers. The ACEC Retirement Trust and our expert partners handle the complexity, you deliver robust and relevant benefits at a competitive cost.

Member Firms

A turnkey retirement plan solution just for ACEC member firms, with advantages you couldn’t get as an individual firm

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Savers (employees)

Start managing your financial health and building future wealth today. Visit our Financial Wellness Center

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Today, offering a retirement plan can be a complex and risky proposition


Your risk exposure has escalated exponentially. Fiduciary liability. Regulatory uncertainty and change. Lawsuits against firms of all sizes. It’s scary out there.


Setting up a plan yourself means finding and overseeing a recordkeeper, ERISA lawyer, investment advisor and more, requiring areas of expertise that aren’t in your wheelhouse.


When you purchase a retirement plan on your own, there are no economies of scale. You may end up paying higher fees for every component of a plan, delivering less value.


Regulations. Administrative detail. HR questions. Every minute spent dealing with your retirement plan takes resources away from your core business: engineering.

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We handle the complexity so you can focus on engineering

Outsource it all to us. Offer a world class, industry-leading retirement plan for your team without dealing with the complexities. Fiduciary protection. Regulatory compliance. Investment analysis and monitoring. The ACEC Retirement Trust takes care of everything so that you can focus on what you do best: engineering.

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Expertise you can trust: Industry-leading specialists

A benefit of ACEC membership, this plan aggregates group purchasing power to command a level of expertise, quality and cost savings you normally could not get on your own. The ACEC RT has brought together four premier service firms to construct and operate the plan. Attract and retain the best talent by offering the caliber of benefit enjoyed by employees of the world’s largest firms.

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Resources to boost participation and help employees engineer their future

We empower your team to get financially fit, both now and for the future. Our unique Financial Wellness Program, founded in behavioral economics, includes interactive budgeting and saving tools as well as information resources. Engineers can run numbers in real-time, calculate what-if scenarios, and even adjust contributions or rebalance their portfolios online.

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