Meet your regional ACEC RT Trustees

Working together to provide fiduciary oversight specific to your area, the ACEC Retirement Trust Board of Trustees are principals of member engineering firms, providing oversight that makes this truly a retirement plan “by engineers, for engineers.”

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The Trustees dedicate up to 10% of their time to administration of the Trust. They serve as discretionary Trustees under ERISA and interview, evaluate, select and monitor all service providers; oversee, negotiate and monitor fees, select and monitor investments, provide Plan Sponsor and participant education.

Spend 7 minutes with the ACEC RT Trustees

Behind the scenes, 7 engineering firm principals are looking out for you and your employees, making decisions and providing you with enhanced fiduciary protection. Meet the ACEC RT Trustees who oversee the Retirement Trust.

In this 7-minute video, Trustees give an overview of what they do, why, and how they make our Plan work for you and your team.

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