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Conquer complexity

with a retirement plan solution from a Trusted Advisor

Attract and retain talent. Harness the right expertise while you stay focused on engineering. Leverage economies of scale. Reduce fiduciary risk. Gain a competitive advantage with a best-in-class retirement plan solution you can’t get from any source but the ACEC Retirement Trust.

You reap the benefits, we do all the rest

Empower your people to take control of their financial future. Mitigate fiduciary risk. Offer the best and outsource the rest with our all-inclusive solution.


Enhanced fiduciary protection. Deep ERISA compliance resources. Fully compliant 404c platform. Proactive changes when regulations shift. Expert legal counsel included.


Cost effective administration and record keeping. Frequent and detailed review and reporting without tying up your internal resources. Decrease internal plan meetings!


Quality investments at low fee typically unavailable to individual firms. Ongoing investment monitoring. 94% of investments have performed at or above peer group*.


Comprehensive Financial Wellness Program. Easy to use website. Online education, interactive planning/budgeting tools and plan management. Call center. Webinars.

The ACEC RT advantage:
Exponential purchasing power and expertise

Gain from our strength in numbers. We have aggregated purchasing power to give you access to unparalleled plan expertise, quality, support, and institutional-grade investments at a significant cost savings. With 50 employees, save up to $21,250.

No other solution is more complete. Most don’t offer services that include expert legal counsel, investment advisory, financial wellness, and administration/recordkeeping.


The fiduciary process observed and the fiduciary protection provided by the Trust to its participating plans is almost incapable of replication in the stand alone plan environment.

Erin Turley, PartnerMcDermott, Will & Emery LLP

AEI has been utilizing the ACEC RT since we first introduced the 401k/PS plan to our staff many, many years ago. Through this time, we have witnessed many enhancements, improvements and positive changes to the RT as a whole—not to mention the fact that our fees have actually declined as well.

Ben T. Quinn, Jr., PE, PresidentAmerican Engineers, Inc.

Our firm has been very happy with the ACEC RT. We appreciate the Trust’s diligence in keeping a close watch on all the funds in the line-up making sure they meet the benchmarks. We like that the Form 5500 is prepared at no cost. Lastly, the low expense cost is a plus! We recommend the ACEC RT to all engineering firms considering a switch from their current plan.

Consulting Engineers & Land SurveyorsJacobson-Westergard & Associates, Inc.

The ACEC Retirement Trust has offered big savings for participating member firms and their employees. The Trust has very good fund selection, lower fees for fund management, and educational financial literacy programs for participants. ACEC Colorado encourages all of our members to take advantage of the savings and benefits of the ACEC Retirement Trust.

Anne Footle, Membership & Communication DirectorAmerican Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Colorado

We have been in the ACEC RT for many years. The ACEC RT makes the management of our 401(k) much less onerous and less expensive than other options, and it also gives our participants broad access to more investment alternatives and features than a smaller plan like ours could otherwise access--and we get all of that for very reasonable fees.

Gregg Ten EyckLeonard Rice Engineers

Every couple years, I research other programs. It’s easy to do – I receive constant sales calls and emails. ACEC RT continues to be the least expensive, best implemented and the easiest administration for our firm and our employees. The reasons we continue, for over 20 years, to offer ACEC RT’s retirement program to our employees have multiplied.

Grace Blackburn, CEOBlackburn Consulting

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