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Our Interactive Participant Experience: An app for your financial life

Get control of your financial life both current and future, with the desktop and mobile app from ACEC RT’s recordkeeping and education partner Empower. Know where you are compared to where you want to be, and take action, in an interactive dashboard that pulls it all together.

Easy enrollment on desktop and in mobile app at

A 360º dashboard to see and manage your competing financial priorities

Get a 360º view of all the financial priorities you’re juggling in one single interactive dashboard. It’s all there. Income. Debts. Savings. Your target retirement income versus actual projections. Want to change your 401(k) contribution? Do it online! anywhere to track:

Access your account securely on the Empower website at your desktop and the mobile app anywhere to track:

  • Current savings progress
  • Net worth
  • Projected monthly retirement income rate, and what % that is of your goal
  • Budgeting with expenses detail
  • Cash flow: income and expenses charts
  • Debt paydown
  • And more!

A true picture of net worth, linking all accounts from mortgage debt to investments

You can bring in and link all your accounts: your home mortgage, bank accounts, credit cards, investments. Get a snapshot of your net worth at any moment in time. Users say that knowing net worth and having the total picture makes them feel more financially healthy, secure and confident. You’re less stressed, more productive at work and more relaxed at home.

The three-dimensional savings experience

You have a three-dimensional savings experience, with automatic calculations that show you the total picture. Studies show that a full 80% of all working people would like help managing competing financial priorities. Your employer delivers this help, by being a member of the ACEC Retirement Trust with access to our partner Empower’s interactive platform.


An added benefit: personalized communications from Empower

With total confidentiality, Empower sends you personalized communications based on where you are, with dynamic content, advice and clear suggestions of things you can do. The advantages are clear: people who have this benefit are 600% more likely to engage in positive financial action, which includes 401(k) contributions and investments.

How to sign up: Empower makes it easy at

It takes just 33 seconds to sign up, from your desktop or your mobile device. Just enter in your browser and log in to your ACEC RT account on Empower’s interactive platform. Empower is ACEC RT’s recordkeeping and education partner, a top firm entrusted with administration of the retirement savings records of over 17 million individuals nationwide.

If you’d like to join ACEC RT

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