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Your fully outsourced investment Fiduciary

The enhanced fiduciary protection and investment expertise we provide participating plans is unique, enabling fuller outsourcing. Not only are we your 3(38) investment manager and administrative fiduciary; ERISA legal and best practices support are included.

The Trustees of the ACEC Retirement Trust serve as the discretionary investment fiduciary for the ACEC Retirement Trust and have engaged CAPTRUST Financial Advisors, which has served the needs of retirement plan sponsors for over 30 years, to provide independent 3(21) fiduciary investment advisory services directly to the ACEC Retirement Trust Trustees. The unique relationship created by the ACEC Retirement Trust was specially designed to deliver industry leading fiduciary investment management experience and protection for all plans participating in the ACEC Retirement Trust.

This industry leading service cannot be obtained from any other source, including an investment advisory firm whether they are serving as a 3(38) investment manager or a 3(21) investment advisor. ACEC Retirement Trust’s fully outsourced investment fiduciary provides:

  • ERISA 3(38) + investment fiduciary services and protection
  • Trustees serve as discretionary investment fiduciary and discretionary administrative fiduciary as to all ACEC Retirement Trust services
  • Fully compliant 404(c) platform which makes your participants responsible for their own investment decisions
  • Continuous, ongoing investment review, analysis and monitoring
  • Managed asset allocation program for participants
  • Review of plan service providers and related expense
  • Annual and ongoing tier one fiduciary training by internationally recognized law firm specializing in ERISA fiduciary compliance which results in fiduciary best practices in both operation and documentation

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